Procurement Manager Posted Jan 03
Northwest Harvest , Kent, WA

Northwest Harvest is a food justice organization that distributes food to food banks, meal programs and high need schools across Washington state.
We are the only state-wide hunger relief agency in Washington providing these services.
Northwest Harvest has been fighting hunger since 1967 with a mission of ending hunger in Washington state. In 2018, we embarked on a bold new initiative for accomplishing our mission – we are committed to cutting hunger in half by 2028 in Washington state; lowering the USDA food insecurity index from it’s current 1 in 8 people experiencing food insecurity to 1 in 16. We focus on rural communities and communities of color, the communities hardest hit by poverty, to meet this goal. As part of this initiative, we are recruiting a new procurement leader for our team. The successful applicant will have a passion for the mission, be an expert in relationship building and social cause marketing, and will be tasked with expanding relationships across the state to increase our effectiveness in procuring and distributing healthy, nutritious food.
About Northwest Harvest
At Northwest Harvest we are pioneering something new: Growing Food Justice across Washington.
We are leading the fight for hungry people statewide to have access to nutritious food while respecting their dignity and promoting good health.
We are deeply aligning our strategy, operations and tactics to work on addressing the root causes of hunger.
We are infused with a unique combination of visionary thinking, lived experience expertise and a diverse network of community partners and allies.
We care deeply about our organizational community and act to amplify our impact and achieve our shared goal of ending hunger. We do this by coming together across out differences, embracing diversity and engaging in collective, courageous action.
Does this resonate with you?
We invite you to explore the Procurement Manager Opportunity at Northwest Harvest
As our Procurement Manager you will lead Northwest Harvest in scout and pursuing opportunity in building food partnerships and relationships through the lens of cause related marketing.

The Procurement Manager (PM) will proactively build and expand relationships across the state to increase our effectiveness in procuring and distributing healthy, nutritious food.

We seek a Procurement Manager (PM) to lead us through

• Ongoing analysis and architecting of a high-quality, equity oriented, efficient and well-run food procurement program.
• Development of a 30, 60, 90- and 1-year strategic procurement relationship roadmap
• Ensuring our people, systems and relationships are highly-tuned and the infrastructure is in place to deliver on that roadmap.
• Developing critical skills in scaling smartly
• Capacity building assessments and execution for each location
• Assuring and perpetuating a culture of curiosity and reflection
• Engendering confidence and accountability with internal and external partners and teams based on ‘Best is Norm’ outcomes and consistently exceeding expectations
• Partnering with all levels of Northwest Harvest in active brainstorming, thought leadership and authentic real time discussions
• Sharing an experience-based orientation to change management, effective delivery and team development

You can find the full Procurement Manager job description at